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Tips for keeping carpenter ants out of your home

A pest control operator sprays the exterior perimeter of a South Pinellas home © Pest Care of Pinellas

A pest control operator begins to treat the exterior perimeter of a South Pinellas home (©2014 Pest Care)

Carpenter ants are usually slow to cause damage, so it’s not uncommon for a homeowner to have seen them wandering around for years before they actually notice damage.

But don’t wait until you notice carpenter ant damage to control these pests. If you see ants wandering about, you should control them right away, BEFORE they start causing major damage that results in BIG costs to you, the homeowner. Many people have gone to sell their home, only find to out at inspection that their neglect will cost them thousands.

Carpenter ants are most active searching for food from midnight to 4 a.m., so if you see these pests during the day, you are seeing only a small fraction of what is happening at night. They love leaks or other moisture problems, blocked or leaking gutters, or a poorly ventilated attic or crawl space. Tree stumps, dead tree limbs, and firewood also can stimulate problems with carpenter ants, as can trees and shrubs that touch a home and keep walls more moist. Keeping things away from your home helps keep a pest control problem down, but sometimes even removal of these items is too late.

Call Pest Care at (727) 584-3838 if you see carpenter ants wandering in or on the exterior walls of your home. We’re experts at controlling these difficult pests. We start by inspecting your home to find where they’re coming from. If their nests are all outside your home, we’ll take steps to ensure they stay out. If ants are starting to nest inside, they need to be stopped before they have time to do more damage, or set up other colonies.

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