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Basic Pest Prevention: how to keep your home bug free

Sometimes, people contact us asking what they can do to keep their home or business bug free. The answers all vary with your location, size of home and many other factors. However, a regular preventative pest control service and abiding by the following tips will help keep most homes and businesses free of pests.

  • An old tire left outside of a South Pinellas County home became a home to many insects

    An old tire left outside of a South Pinellas County home became a home to many insects (© 2014 Pest Care)

    Do not allow trash, garbage or yard waste to remain in your home or in your yard/parking lot

  • Keep flower beds well swept/raked and trimmed (dead branches can harvest pests)
  • Check your home for moisture-damaged wood–this can become a major problem if not addressed by a licensed pest control technician
  • If you see trails of ants or other bugs, try to find out where they are coming from and going to. If you find an entrance in to your home, try to seal it up with expanding foam or other methods
  • Keep all trees trimmed so that they do not come within 6 feet (or more) of your home. Rodents and many bugs can jump or swing great distances and enter your home through your roof/attic
  • If you hear noises in your attic, try to pinpoint where they are usually heard and contact a pest control technician immediately to avoid further population of your attic and/or excessive decomposition of carcasses that can attract maggots, gnats and bacteria
  • Regularly go through unworn clothes or boxes of keepsakes and repackage/rehang them to be sure that nothing has made a home of your boxes or clothing.

Most importantly,

Keep your house clean!

Pests love a dirty home, so don’t forget to vacuum regularly, dust window sills and sweep entrances to your home clean.

If you experience any problems with pests in or around your home or would simply like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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