Flu / COVID-19 Protocol update

Pest Care Clients:
Pest Care is concerned about COVID-19. Frequent disinfecting has been taking place during routes, and no daycare or Senior Living facilities have been entered for a number of months. Pest Care is formally deemed an Essential Business by Florida Government standards, though has been largely unaffected by COVID-19.

*If anyone in your household (or anyone who will be present at your home at the time of pest control treatment) has:
1. Been on an airplane/public travel vehicle in the past 14 days
2. Reported, has been exposed to a likely case of COVID19, or has displayed signs of COVID-19 or the seasonal flu, please consider making that known before your scheduled appointments. While masks are still a protocol, we want to encourage SOCIAL DISTANCING in certain instances. Parents especially, please practice increased hygiene and be aware that many (not all) illnesses might be preventable through basic steps, such as washing your hands before touching food & sanitizing your commonly touched items.

More info has been coming out that may contradict older, early thoughts. Please do some research from reputable outlets. Please understand that Pest Care is concerned about client health, and our own.

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